Bride Price

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Bride PriceWhen a powerful and feared man demands a ‘bride price’ for the young girl he fosters, Ian Mathie is forced to rely on his wits and courage to find a way within the rich traditions and superstitions of rural Zaire to set a fair price that the man would refuse to pay.

Working and living in the forests of Zaïre during the reign of President Mobuto Sese Seko, Ian Mathie found himself the foster father of an orphaned girl. When a powerful and feared man from another village demanded that he set a ‘bride price’ for the child, Ian was forced to rely on his wits and courage to find a way within the rich traditions of the area to set a fair price the man would refuse to pay.

Bride Price tells the story of how this problem was resolved. Set in the brooding vastness of the tropical rain forest, it provides intimate insights into the lives of a little-known people and their complex relationship with their environment, the spirits and the outside world.

“A wonderfully evocative account of a lost time in Africa before political, genocidal maelstroms reframed the way the continent is perceived. Writing with great sensitivity and authenticity, Mathie enriches our understanding not just of the people but of the human spirit that thrives there.” – TIM BUTCHER, author of Blood River and Chasing the Devil.

“In terms of its overall flavour, quality and impact value, I’d bracket it with the classic ‘Walkabout’ by James Vance Marshall.” – TRISH SIMPSON-DAVIS, ‘THE BOOKBAG’  Read more

“This book is brilliant! I loved it from start to finish.” – KATHARINE CRAGGS, ‘NEWBOOKS’ Read more

“Stunningly beautiful, shocking, joyous, and in the end, sadly sobering. I felt as if I personally knew every character, and in my head I even heard their voices as they spoke.” – WENDY M REIS,


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