Morning Comes And Also The Night

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Morning Comes And Also The NightThe chance discovery of a secret cache of letters rekindled Marijcke Jongbloed’s lifelong fascination with the circumstances of her birth and her parents’ wartime experiences. The letters were written in captivity by her father and smuggled through Japanese controls to her mother in a different internment camp in Indonesia. Sixty-five years later, they form the basis of a fascinating and moving insight into survival under the cruel conditions of a distant and frequently ignored part of the Second World War.

About the Author

Dr Marijcke Jongbloed has had a varied career as a medical doctor, writer, amateur biologist and champion of wildlife conservation. She was born in 1943 in a Japanese internment camp in Indonesia, where her parents – a Dutch businessman and his wife – were imprisoned. She grew up in Indonesia and Holland and worked in both countries for a number of years before taking up an appointment as a family doctor in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). There her passion for natural history found its outlet in writing. She became an advocate for the protection and conservation of wildlife. Her work for the environment in the UAE was recognised with honours in both the UAE and Holland. She now lives in France.


“The story is gripping, in the way that only true events simply told can be. There is no hyperbole or sentimentalism, no deliberate attempt to pull at the heartstrings, yet the tale is all the more moving for it.,,, the book as an object is delightful, from the delicate cover illustration to the expert typesetting, which is clear and elegant.” —Spartacus-News